Booster Gold #11 / Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1 / Freedom Formula #1 / Atomic Robo: Dogs of War #1

Bob here, from the Weekly Comics Spotlight podcast, and I’m sorry I’m a week late on posting up the written reviews of the books from Episode 53. It was a crazy week at work, and I’m just now catching up. I’ll have the Ep 54 stuff up soon too.

We’re debuting a new rating system this week. Instead of the old “Thumbs Up” / “neutral” / “thumbs down” system, we’re now going to go with a scale from 0-5 as follows:

5: Outstanding!! One of the best I have read.

4: Great! Glad to be reading it.

3: Good solid comic.

2: OK. A few problems with execution but still worth reading.

1: Poorly executed comic. I really struggled to read through this book. Try it only if you really love the character/creator or if you can find it in the quarter bins.

0: Terrible Comic. I regret having wasted my money on this book.

We also have a record of all past books reviews with ratings for the more recent one up on our website. Now, on to last weeks books:


DC: Booster Gold #11 (W: Chuck Dixon A: Dan Jurgens / Norm Rapmund)
Bob: 4/5 John: 4/5
I’m really enjoying the Booster Gold series, and I like him ore as a hero policing the timestream than as a buffoon going around selling ad space on his costume. They have really turned the character around with this series, and I applaud them for it!

Marvel: Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1 (W: Joe Pokaski A: Tom Raney/Scott Hanna)
Bob: 5/5 John: 5/5
I find that I appreciate the fact that Marvel is not shoe-horning the Secret Invasion storyline into the normal continuity of Thor & X-Men, and I’m liking the stories of how these folks are reacting to the Skrull invasion in the SI: Thor & SI: X-Men minis that also came out last week. For the Inhumans, since they are key players in the Marvel Universe, it was nice to see how their story is playing out, especially since the reveal a while back that Black Bolt had been replaced by a Skrull. What the Skrulls are doing with Black Bolt makes perfect sense and was a GREAT reveal on the last page.

Radical Comics: Freedom Formula #1 (W: Edmund Shern A: Chester Ocampo / Kai)
Bob: 3/5 John: 3/5
This has a very intriguing story, but the art is a bit inconsistent, not up to the Radical standards set in Hercules & Caliber (but that’s only my opinion, someone else may find this art to be the best thing since sliced bread). In any event, let me concentrate on the story. We have a future where mech battle suits that had been used for war are no longer used for those purposes and are now piloted for use in sports. This is a cool concept! You apparently need to be genetically engineered to pilot one of these suits, so how is our hero (a teenager) able to do it? This is what we’ll be finding out as the story goes along, I’ll be along for the ride, the story has me hooked.

Bonus Book! Atomic Robo: Dogs of War #1 by Red 5 Comics (W: Brian Clevinger A: Scott Wegener)
Bob: 4/5 John: 4/5
Another good Atomic Robo story, the only weakness I saw here was that this issue had a bit too much setup before getting to the meat of what I wanted to see (Robo vs. the Nazis). This story takes a step back into history and shows Robo helping the allies invade Sicily during WWII. Entertaining, and I’ll be around for the remainder of the series.

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