Adventure Comics #1 / Lockjaw & Pet Avengers #4 / G-Man: Cape Crisis #1

This is Bob from the Weekly Comics Spotlight podcast with short reviews “by the #s” (with a rating out of 5) of the books we review on our weekly show.  We’re also including the “price per page” of the comics we review.
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DC:  Adventure Comics #1 (W: Geoff Johns  A: Francis Manapul)

Bob: 4/5    John: 3/5
$3.99 – 22 pgs + 8pg 2nd feature– 13.3 cents/page (color)
Solid “day in the life” story featuring Conner Kent (Superboy).  I liked the characterization and storytelling (some really nice stuff with Krypto), but this was not the most action-packed choice of story for a 1st issue.  For folks who have a predisposition for liking the characters, this was great and will “sell the series”.  I’m not as sure that this will be similarly effective on selling this to new readers.  The Legion “2nd feature” was a bit weaker.  While a good story, I think it should have more strongly featured Legion members other than Starman.

Marvel: Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers #4 (W: Chris Eliopoulos  A: Ig Guara)
Bob: 3/5    John: 4/5
$2.99 – 23 pgs – 13 cents/page (color)
Excellent comic for younger readers, I’d highly recommend this series for any parent who wants an all ages comic to read with your kids.  For me personally, I’d have preferred if Eliopuolos stuck more to the “pets” that are strongly associated with superheroes (Lockheed, Lockjaw, Redwing, Frog Thor, Zabu) as adventurers.  Speedball’s cat is a bit of a stretch, and the dog “Ms. Lion” is completely unnecessary.

Image Comics: G-Man: Cape Crisis #1 (W/A: Chris Giarrusso)
Bob: 3/5    John: 3/5
$2.99 – 28 pgs – 10.7 cents/page (color)
This didn’t hold up as much in a feature length story as it did in shorter 1-2 page “gag” strips.  The main weakness is that the comedic “beats” were just not there that usually punch up the shorter strips.  On the other hand, it was a decent enough story and suitable for all ages, there was also good value given the 20 page main story and 8 pages of back-up strips, I particularly liked the art on the “Pix” backup.

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