Doom Patrol #1 / War of Kings #6 / The Boys #33

This is Bob from the Weekly Comics Spotlight podcast with short reviews “by the #s” (with a rating out of 5) of the books we review on our weekly show.  We’re also including the “price per page” of the comics we review.
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DC:  Doom Patrol #1 (W: Keith Giffen  A: Matthew Clark/Ryan Livesay)
    Metal Men 2nd Feature (W: Keith Giffen/JM DeMatteis  A: Kevin Maguire)
Bob: 4/5    John: 4/5     2nd Feature: Bob: 5/5    John: 5/5
$3.99 – 30 (20+10) pgs – 13.6 cents/page (color)
After a slow start, this turned in to a really great comic (picked up after clearing out some extraneous team members from the last DP run).  I loved the characterizations of the indicidual characters, particularly the scene with Elasti-Girl & Bumblebee.  The Metal Men backup was particularly well done, to the point that I wish it was the main feature!  This book is a winner, I’m adding it to my pull list.

Marvel: War of Kings #6 (W: Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning  A: Paul Pelletier/Rick Magyar&Andrew Hennessy)
Bob: 4/5    John: 4/5
$3.99 – 22 pgs – 13.6 cents/page (color)
Solid progression in the “Marvel Cosmic” saga. Though weakened by lack of solid closure at the end of this mini in issue #6 (it looks like we’ll need to get the “Who Will Rule?” one shot to get the real conclusion).  That said, I’m really enjoying the marvel cosmic stuff headed up by Abnett & Lanning, pick up the trade & try it out!

Dynamite: The Boys #33 (W: Garth Ennis  A: John McCrea/Keith Burns)
Bob: 3/5    John: 4/5
$2.99 – 22 pgs – 15.9 cents/page (color)
While I generally think The Boys is a brilliantly satirical title, this particular issue fell a bit flat for me.  Not every issue in a long run is going to be brilliant, and this was just not resonating with me, I suspect it was the combination of the fill-in artist (whilst Darrick Robinson is off doing the Herogasm mini) as well as plot developments which caused a lot of totally incomprehensible dialogue in the issue.

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