Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3 / Ultimatum #5 / Fear Agent #27

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DC:  Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3 (W: Peter Tomasi  A: Chris Samnee/Mike Mayhew)
Bob: 4/5    John: 4/5
$3.99 – 18 new pgs (color) + 12 reprint pages (B&W)
Overall, this was a great series, marred by the unsolicited inclusion (in this issue) of a reprint of Blackest Night #0.  As far as I’m aware, this is the 1st time DC has chosen to not take the “high road” on a $3.99 and give readers extra all-new material for the extra $1, instead throwing in a reprint to pad out the issue.  We didn’t even get the standard 22 new pages in this one, and this would have gotten a 5/5 had there been a full issue of new content.
The stories that ARE in here are excellent, a story about Kilowog when he was a recruit and the GL drill instructor Ermey (a nod, no doubt, to R. Lee Ermey) who forged him into the Lantern he is today.  This was followed up by a great Arisia story with some superb Mike Mayhew art that gives some insight into the GL legacy in her family, but it was far too short.

Marvel: Ultimatum #5 (W: Jeph Loeb  A: David Finch/Danny Miki)
Bob: 3/5    John: 2/5
$3.99 – 27 pgs (color)
This capped off a 5-issue kill-fest that was really a sad way for Marvel to close off 10 years of the Ultimate Universe before it’s relaunch.  The series was the comics equivalent of a violent summer blockbuster film that exists for action & explosions with only the thinnest strands of plot & story linking together the scenes of mayhem.  That’s not to say that this cannot be enjoyed, it certainly can be savored in the same way as a “popcorn” film, but it could have been something a lot more, and the Ultimate universe deserved a much better epitaph than this series.

Dark Horse: Fear Agent #27 (W: Rick Remender  A: Tony Moore/John Lucas)
Bob: 3/5    John: 3/5
$3.50 – 22 pgs – 15.9 cents/page (color)
I love this series in general, but it really suffers from delays between issues.  As a result, I cannot really recommend reading this in issues, you’re much better off waiting for the trade.  Remender says (at the end of this issue) that he has one more Fear Agent arc to tell and it won’t be solicited until it is mostly complete so that it can ship on time.  We’ll see.  It would be better to wait until it is COMPLETELY complete, in my mind, given the past challenges.  As for this story itself, it seemed like kind of a rushed ending, and was a bit confusing, but some of that probably had to do with my foggy memory of past parts.  What I do know is that there was no sense of closure at the end, and this means by the time the next arc comes out (in a year or so), I will be similarly detached from this cliff-hanger unless there is a really good re-cap.   Stick with the trades, and skip the “I Against I” storyline completely until the next trade becomes available in a couple of years, then get them together.

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