Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5 / Amazing Spider-Man #600 / Cyber Force-Hunter Killer #1 / Incredible Hulk #600

This is Bob from the Weekly Comics Spotlight podcast with short reviews “by the #s” (with a rating out of 5) of the books we review on our weekly show.  We’re also including the “price per page” of the comics we review.
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DC:  Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5 (W: Geoff Johns  A: George Perez/Scott Koblish)
Bob: 5/5    John: 5/5
$3.99 – 30 pgs – 13.3 cents/page (color)
This series was only marred by the long delays between issues and the marketing tie-in to the “Final Crisis” event that I could have done without.  As time goes on, this series will exist as a stupendous TPB that will transcend the delays that fans had to endure as the issues came out.  It’s ironic that the loyal fans who support a book in its initial periodical release bear the brunt of this effect and as a result get a story that is harder to follow than necessary, while those who “wait for the trade” are immune to the effect.
In any event, a great story with great art. Tied up a lot of loose ends, and complex, yet understandable.  Basically, everything the main Final Crisis series was not.

Marvel: The Amazing Spider-Man #600 (W: Dan Slott  A: John Romita, Jr./Klaus Janson)
Bob: 5/5    John: 5/5
$4.99 – 102 pgs – 4.9 cents/page (color)
102 all-new pages!  It’s a shame Marvel didn’t choose to include a cover gallery like they did in many of the other recent anniversary issues.  Other than that, a really good story that had a new take on Dr. Octopus (that does not seem to be sitting well with all fans, but that I didn’t really mind, and this with Doc Ock as my favorite Spidey bad-guy).  I thought the new take on the character was an interesting 21st century twist on his previously established cybernetic control of his arms.  Guest stars galore, the wedding of Aunt May, and plenty of moments with his supporting cast.  Everything I look for in a Spidey comic.  So far the best of the “multiples of 100” anniversary issues Marvel has put out.

Top Cow: Cyber Force/Hunter Killer #1 (W: Mark Waid  A: Kenneth Rocafort)
Bob: 4/5    John: 4/5
$3.50 – 22 pgs – 15.9 cents/page (color)
A cool story, with some interesting “extras” (including content on the I liked the fact that I could follow the story even though I’m almost completely unfamiliar with the Cyber Force characters, certainly a sign of a good writer.  I did follow the Hunter/Killer series that was out previously and this mostly picks up from that storyline, so seems like this will mostly appeal to fans of Hunter/Killer.

Bonus Book! The Incredible Hulk #600 by Marvel Comics (W: Jeph Loeb  A: Ed McGuinness/Mark Farmer)
Bob: 3/5    John: 3/5
$4.99 – 56 pgs – 8.9 cents/page (color)
Fairly weak as a Giant-Sized anniversary issue.  While the solicitation did not lie (I suppose some secret about something was revealed in this issue), Marvel certainly implied that we’d find out the identity of the Red Hulk in this issue.  We do not.  A fairly pedestrian story, weak back-ups stories, and a reprint of Hulk: Grey #1.   This did not hold a candle to Spider-Man #600.

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