Blackest Night #1 / Mighty Avengers #27 / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #1

This is Bob from the Weekly Comics Spotlight podcast with short reviews “by the #s” (with a rating out of 5) of the books we review on our weekly show.  Life has intervened so I’m a few weeks behind and hope to catch up soon.
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DC:  Blackest Night #1 (W: Geoff Johns  A: Ivan Reis)
Bob: 5/5    John: 5/5

This is what Green Lantern has been building up to since the Sinestro Corps War, and if this first issue is any indication, we’re in for a hell of a ride!  If you’re getting any DC comics, you should be getting this.  A story worthy of being told as an “event”.

Marvel: Mighty Avengers #27 (W: Christos Gage/Dan Slott  A: Khoi Pham/Allen Martinez)
Bob: 4/5    John: 3/5
A really cool story with a heretofore unknown Inhuman of almost immeasurable power.  It looks like it’s going to take everyone who’s ever been an Avenger to stop him, this is another one that is off to a great start and has the makings of a really good story.

Boom!: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #1 (W: Philip K. Dick  A: Tony Parker)
Bob: 3/5    John: 3/5
A word-for-word adaption of the Philip K. Dick novel that is the basis for the movie Blade Runner, that is both the strength & weakness of this comic.  Your enjoyment of this is going to hinge directly on your enjoyment of Dick’s story.  The fact that every word is left intact have in many cases left us with captions that directly tell us what we are seeing in the art and that is not something I like to see in a comic.  When the picture conveys the info, I don’t need the redundant words.  However, I can see this being a huge plus to hardcore Philip K. Dick fans.

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