Wednesday Comics #1 / Ms. Marvel #41 / Drafted: 100 Days

100 EPISODES!!!!

This is Bob from the Weekly Comics Spotlight podcast with short reviews “by the #s” (with a rating out of 5) of the books we review on our weekly show.  We’re also including the “price per page” of the comics we review.
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DC:  Wednesday Comics #1 (W: various A: various)
Bob: 3/5    John: 2/5
$3.99 – 15 over-sized pgs (color)
This is going to be long…..
I think it was pretty typical for an anthology.  Some stuff I absolutely loved, some stuff I hated, the rest in the middle.  While I respect DC for trying something new here, what this really boiled down to was a set of 1-page comics printed really big…..innovative for comics?  Yes.  The greatest thing since Jack Kirby picked up a pencil?   Certainly not.
Given that the writers were well aware of the “page a week” format, I would have expected more of them to structure their stories in such a way that the all-important 1st page was a real “grabber” and this just did not seem to be the case for most of the features.

Metal Men
- Didio did good.  The art was really nice too.
Kamandi - This was channeling an old Hal Foster Prince valiant page if anything was.
Metamorpho - Wow!  Allred draws a nice Saphire Stagg.

Adam Strange - Very nicely done!  A lot of story packed into this page
Supergirl - Nice art, not much story yet, but with this creative team, should be fun when it gets going.
Green Lantern - Nice setup, mostly for people familiar with the characters, though.  I have high hopes for this once it gets going.

- Some people were loving the “split page” with Iris in a “Juliet Jones” kind of strip along the bottom.  That was not working for me, I’d rather have seen Flash for the whole page.
Sgt. Rock - Not much of a story here yet.  Good art, seems like this will get better.
Catwoman/Demon - Not much of a story here yet.  Good art, seems like this will get better.
Batman - Seems like Azzarello could have done a 1st page with a bit more “punch”
Superman - Really weak 1st page, the alien looks goofy, not really in step with the general painted art style.

- Art was really off-putting for me for some reason.  kept me from getting into the story, just a personal thing, though, seems like the story will be decent enough.
Hawkman - I’m thinking that a story narrated by a bird, while interesting conceptually, is not going to work for me.

Teen Titans
- Not only was this muddled, Galloway could not even be bothered to draw facial features on Wonder Girl in the top row.
Wonder Woman- I could not even make it through reading the entire page….
The Format - I really don’t like this format.  I’m certainly not going with the popular opinion on this one though, I lot of people are heralding this as brilliant & innovative.  I think they want to evoke being a 10-year-old laying on the floor to read the Sunday comics, but I’m not 10, and I don’t want to lay on the floor to read this.  This was difficult to read while sitting up on my couch (my preferred reading location) so that was a detractor for me.

If I average all this out, Wednesday comics gets a 3/5 from me.  Some people are calling this brilliant, but different people like different things.  I also suspect certain proponent of this title overlook the parts they don’t love and concentrate on the parts they do.  If I did this, it would certainly get a higher rating, but I am rating it based on ALL the content.

Marvel: Ms. Marvel #41 (W: Brian Reed  A:Sergio Arino)
Bob: 4/5    John: 4/5
$2.99 – 22 pgs – 13.6  cents/page (color)
I had dropped Ms. Marvel several issue ago when Carol Danvers was replaced by Karla Sofen (Moonstone) as part of Marvel’s “put bad guys ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE” Dark Reign event.  I picked it up here and I’m glad I did, as it looks like they are working Carol Danvers back into her own book.  I liked the various guest stars (Wolverine & Spider-Man, while used as guest stars in different books a lot) were handled quite nicely here and seemed to have a decent reason for being featured.  All-in-all I’m glad I picked this book up and will be adding Ms. Marvel back onto my pull list.

DDP: Drafted: 100 Days One-Shot (W: Mark Powers  A: Chris Lie/Junaidi&Faisal)
Bob: 3/5    John: 3/5
$5.99  – 48 pgs – 12.5 cents/page (color)
On first glance, what one would think of this book is high price, average art, Obama opportunism.  If I had just seen this on the rack at the comics shop & had not been reviewing it for this episode (hey, Episode 100 à “100 Days”, we HAD to review this one) I would have definitely left this one sitting on the rack at the LCS.  That said, upon reading it, I found it to be a pretty good story, a bit of human drama set in an obligatory post-alien invasion world that’s been decimated, with Barack Obama thrown in to spice things up……  Brilliant?  Certainly not, but a decent story, more of a “must read” for people who have read & enjoyed previous “Drafted” comics, though.

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