Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 / Captain America: Reborn #1 / Greek Street #1

This is Bob from the Weekly Comics Spotlight podcast with short reviews “by the #s” (with a rating out of 5) of the books we review on our weekly show.  We’re also including the “price per page” of the comics we review.
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DC:  Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 (W: James Robinson  A: Mauro Cascioli)
Bob: 4/5    John: 4/5
$3.99 – 24 pgs – 16.6 cents/page (color)
A lot of setup & team forming, but Robinson did a really good job of capturing the personalities of the various heroes featured in this issue.  I like the idea of a JLA that goes after “Justice” in a more proactive way instead of always reacting to what villains do, but ramped back a bit from the “extreme” versions where proactive is little more than a euphemism for fascist.

Marvel: (Captain America) Reborn #1 (W: Ed Brubaker  A: Bryan Hitch/Butch Guice)
Bob: 4/5    John: 4/5
$3.99 – 13.3 pgs – 18.1  cents/page (color)
Good story, really nice art.  I’m curious about where this one will end up, Brubaker certainly has a good track record, but the “unstuck in time” Cap could end up being a great way to bring him back, or a questionable one depending on how the story plays out over the rest of this series.  Well worth reading, though.

DC/Vertigo: Greek Street #1 (W: Peter Milligan  A: Davide Gianfelice)
Bob: 2/5    John: x/5
$1.00  – 32 pgs – 3.1 cents/page
I can see someone really liking this comic, but it really did nothing for me.  I could see that there were supposed to be lots of parallels to Greek myth, but the story was too layered and I’m not really looking for entertainment that I have to struggle to get the meaning out of.  Some people love that and I can respect that, they might love this series.  For me, I have no problem with a series that has deep themes & content as long as the writer crafts a surface story that can be enjoyed in parallel, which was what I was not seeing here.

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