Looking Forward to ‘09

Suspending Disbelief

a blog by Michael K. Willis

The Christmas lights have (finally) been packed away and the lingering strains of the Twilight Zone theme have started to fade (despite the fact that I must have heard it at least 30 times during the New Year’s Day marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel…yeah, I’ve seen them all many times before but when it’s on I watch it anyway :-) and now I focus on that which will make me want to happily suspend disbelief in this new year.

In no particular order some of the fanboy-friendly things we’re looking forward to this year are:


Geoff Johns and friends continue to weave an involving prelude to Green Lantern: The Blackest Night (see above) story and I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together in a very cool way (no pressure though, Geoff, okay?) Add to that Flash: Rebirth and Superman: Secret Origin we’re ready to sit back and savor a lot of super-hero goodness written by the busy Mr. Johns (but, again, no pressure…)


Between the continuation of Jaime’s Penny Century super-hero story and whatever whimsical wonderfulness Gilbert and Mario come up the second annual issue of the new format will be well worth the wait.


Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill turn up at Top Shelf with 3 72-page issues continuing the extraordinary adventures of the LOEG (see below.) It goes without saying that it’s going to be intriguing, engaging, and extremely entertaining.


I remain skeptical (despite the interesting trailers) that this will work but I’m really looking forward to finding out (presuming Warner Brothers and Fox can sort out their legal…or perhaps more to the point, financial…wrangling over the movie.)


The venerable title of my comic book buying youth returns…presumably with my first favorite super-team, the Legion of Super-Heroes, in the lead. Cool beans


This year’s Pixar offering features the adventures of an unlikely duo: a crotchety old man (voiced by Ed Asner) trying to get away from people (he and his house float away thanks to a rainbow burst of balloons) and a chipper 8 year old stowaway who doesn’t quite let him. Sounds like fun to me.


One features a twisted team of Assemblers while the other stars Nick Fury and his merry band of super-powered gadflies…Brian Michael Bendis provides what will probably be the heart of Marvel’s “Dark Reign”.

WOLVERINE (aka by the more unwieldy title X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE)

This prequel to the trilogy of X-Men movies looks to be action-packed and full of growly goodness. Hugh Jackman looks to be in fine form in the scenes I’ve seen and this should hopefully be good for a couple of hours of mindless mayhem.


Back in 1998 me and maybe a half-dozen other people were big fans of the delightfully whimsical show where Jeremy Piven thought he was (or maybe he was), Cupid, the God of Love…it flopped. This spring it gets rebooted with Bobby Carnavale taking over the title role. With the cancellation of my current favorite delightfully whimsical show (Pushing Daisies) I’m hopeful that this Cupid will fly.


Hey, the trailer and the website for this Dreamworks cartoon both tickle me…but then sometimes I’m easily amused :-)

Doubtlessly some of these things will disappoint and other stuff from unexpected quarters will delight me. Bring it on.

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